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The availability listing contains latin names and container sizes available. The plants listed are considered prime for the retail nursery trade. Availability lists are published weekly. The availability can change dramatically from week to week, so please use the current version. Published in Adobe acrobat reader format

Week of May 23, 2016

1g Abelia x grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’
1g Anemone x hybrida ‘Lucky Charm'
1g Anemone x hybrida ‘Queen Charlotte’
1g Convolvulus sabatius
5g Coprosma ‘Tequila Sunrise'
5g Corokia x virgata ‘Sunsplash'
1g Epilobium ‘Marin Pink'
1g Eriogonum parvifolium
1g Eriogonum fasciculatum ‘Warriner Lytle'
1g Fuchsia thymifolia
1g Geranium x cantabrigiense ‘Karmina'
1g Lavandula stoechas ‘Double Anouk'
5g Muhlenbergia capillaris ‘Regal Mist'
5g Muhlenbergia rigida Nashville™
1g Salvia leucantha ‘Danielle’s Dream’
1g Solanum xanti ‘Alamo Pintado'
1g Tagetes lemmonii ‘Compacta'

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